If you should have any other questions of concern please feel free to contact us at info@eyelashmafia.ca and we will gladly assist you. 

What are your most dramatic Lashes? Our most dramatic style lash is "Vendetta" 3D Minks. 

What are your most natural Lashes? Our most natural style lash is "Manolo" 3D Minks.

Where do you Ship to? We offer World Wide Shipping.

How much is Shipping? The cost of shipping depends on how many lashes are ordered. Please place the lashes you want into your shopping cart, enter your address, and it will tell you how much shipping will cost.

Do you offer exchanges or returns? Due to sanitary nature of our product, there are no refunds or exchanges on the lashes.

Customs and Duites Charges? Eyelash Mafia is not responsible for any customs or duty charge that is imposed by your country. 

Do the Lashes come with glue? Our lashes do not come with glue, any temporary glue can be used to apply the lashes.

How Can I Extend the Life of my Lashes? Because of the high quality of our lashes, with the proper care, they can be worn up to 25 times! Gently take them off when removing them from your eyes, and try not to place mascara on them as that will create a buildup and shorten the life of your lashes. Additionally, take extra precaution when taking the glue off the band when reusing your lashes, as this is the time your lashes are most susceptible to becoming damaged. We recommend slowly peeling off the glue after applying a small amount of eye makeup remover to the band of the lashes.